i hate objects. hate them,hate them
boring. boring. you're so BORing
so predictable
luxury is ugly
commodofication of emptiness
you sure are easy to control,huh
why own things?
you could just admire them
you could implant them in your eyes
revisit the vision,whenever you desire
you could be free,you could go anywhre,
&& still keep your visions
it's not hard
to only exist
in your head
it feels good
it feels better
you don't have 2 be pathetic
you don't have 2 be owned by objects
material proves nothing
except that u can follow guidelines
&& immitate trends
immitate the rich u claim to despise
so hollow :(
you will nevr fill ur void :(
if u lost it all 2morrow
who would u be?
if that question scares u
it means ur pathetic n boring
but it's fixable
just learn to live in ur visions
&& form ur character
accept ur not cool
or better than anyone
&& let go :)