get lost with me [[ i'll thro u in the deep ,
let urself freeze in the sweet frossy breeze,,
dont get scared dont get scared ,
nothin here makes sense
but why would u care ???
everything is safe here, everything is protected, can't u tell?
GOD hates the hideous MINIMALISM of new internet , GOD hates the uniform,
GOD hates the advertisements , GOD hates the algorithm ,
GOD wants u to have the freed0m to expand urself beyond the mundane ,separate uself , spread ur unique light....
no longer can i succumb to the clinical reduction of modernity. . . .
get lost w/ me, please,please,ibegofyou, i beg, please, please, let's get out of here,
let's go, let's go right now, none of it matters , we can just go ,,
safety is possible, breaking away, is possible . . . .