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]]] MAR 20 2021 -
greetings, friends of froslass.. today is the beginning of aries season 2021, astrological new year as some like to say.. so happy new year :3 this morning i made an update to the site i've been meaning to do for a few weeks now. introducing, FROSS TV!! also known as indie chick TV, this is my new vlogging project. so far i've only made 2 vlogs but there'll be more to come, especially now that the weather is getting nicer and the vitamin D boost is shaking me out of my winter hibernation. feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to watch my videos without coming to this site (i also post nightcore sometimes hehe).
i've wanted to make vlogs for a really long time because i love watching other people's vlogs. especially in times where i lived alone and did not have a very active social life.. vlogs helped me a lot. i want to put some of that energy back into the world :) also because of my struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, i often don't feel like i'm even really here... but creating vlogs is very grounding, seeing my physical existence reflected back at me in a forever repeating moment is a strange feeling indeed. i'm glad i'll have these videos to look back on this part of my life someday.
beyond vlogging, i have started putting more photos and other various goodies around the site, but you'll have to look for those yourself... wouldn't be fun if i gave it all away too easy ;D i'll do my best to keep updating despite my current aversion to screens. once again, happy astrological new year!

]]] FEB 16 2021 -
hello :] this is my first "update". decided i should make an updates page.. never saw the relevence of it before but now that this site is around 6 months old it makes more sense. it has been quite a few months since i've even really anything on here, not because i lost interest, just felt like i needed to take a break from the internet and screens in general. now that i've had some time off i'd like to get back to work~~
it makes me happy to see continued support in the chatroom even tho i have barely been updating, inspires me to carry on for sure.
my goal is to fill this site with more artwork and original content, as currently a lot of it is just random images and graphics i've found throughout the web. of course i'll keep some of them but i'd like for there to be more of a balance between my own work and found images.
my wife got me a new (old) digital camera for valentines day, which has got me really excited to take photos again. I also want to work on more digital art and graphics like the animated froslass on the homepage, since my friend sent me a tablet in october that i've barely even used yet. it's been hard to get myself motivated to make art after almost a year of being unemployed/quarantined. for me, it's hard to find inspo when i just sit at home all day... but i'm desperately trying to change this and find reasons to create again.
this is more of a personal update than an update about the site, just wanted to let ppl know where i'm at.. in the future i will be using this page to keep people posted on new pages i'm adding :]